Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?
Electronic cigarettes are still new on the market, and people are still wondering, “Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? The healthfulness of smoking electronic cigarettes is still a large issue with potential e-cig users, and the FDA has not fully tested these products. Essentially, because there is no hard, scientific evidence saying otherwise, it’s hard to determine the health benefits of electronic cigarettes.
Although electronic cigarettes undoubtedly have some harmful side effects, we must compare them to tobacco cigarettes. We all have a basic idea of the statistics behind tobacco cigarettes, and we know that they have harmed or even killed millions of users. Perhaps we can approach the issue differently then, asking not, “Are Electronic Cigarettes Good For You?” but rather, “Are Electronic Cigarettes a Healthy Alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes?”

After asking the right question, you can better understand the benefits of Electronic Cigarettes. Many have tried and been satisfied with their electronic cigarette experience, and they believe that these products are much better for you than tobacco cigarettes. Which is a better alternative:

Electronic Cigarettes:

Vapor, nicotine and additives

Tobacco Cigarettes:

Tar, nicotine, and many more additives

You can make the right choice. I chose to switch to electronic cigarettes, and I have not looked back. We remind you that cannot make claims regarding the health benefits of Electronic Cigarettes or say that they are better than regular cigarettes, but for those of you who have decided to try e-cigs, we have many reviews to help you find the best electronic cigarette!

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